About Express Solutions.

Our Mission

Built On Integrity and Trust

Owned and operated by women, Express Solutions LLC has been in business for two years. Based in New England, we pride ourselves on providing a small-town feel. We’re proud to be there when you need us for your:

  • ATM services
  • Payroll
  • Merchant services

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Layla KargarFounder, President

Layla started Express Solutions after seeing the worst of the worst in the payments industry. Lies, deceit, broken promises, selling business owners on a dream. Knowing there was a better way, Layla created a model of service delivery that truly was what every business owner had been hoping for: honesty, transparency, personal service, no contracts keeping you stuck in a bad deal. Layla spends her time in the community, connecting with business owners, with her dogs, Arty and Nala, close in tow – she is a fierce advocate for New England merchants, who now calls Boston, MA home.

Christine CasellaVice President

After watching Layla build Express at such a quick pace, Christine – a friend from high school – joined the team and keeps the business moving in the back end. Christine left a nearly decade-long career in Social Work and found a natural home at Express Solutions, where she can still work with people and problem-solve on a daily basis. She lives in Portland, ME with her husband and daughter.

Often referred to as “Yin and Yang,” Christine and Layla create an environment that is magnetic and welcoming for all business owners. They have combined their collective knowledge of the industry with their unrelenting desire to improve payments from within, and have built a following of over 300 merchants from Maine to Massachusetts.